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Cape Cod Beaches and Views from Your Kayak

March 25, 2009

Posted by Melanie Cauchon

Anywhere on Cape Cod, it is easy to find great kayaking areas. Cape Cod offers brooks, rivers, ponds and ocean rides for all levels. I consider myself a beginner, and I have yet to explore 1/10 of all my kayaking options.

One excursion I loved was on Follins Pond. I had a waterview house listing nearby and thought I better know what I am talking about when I tell Real Estate buyers they can go kayaking from the association landing end of the street…so I did.

I launched from the Dennis side and met a friend who used a landing on the Yarmouth side. We toured the Pond, then went on into Kelley’s Bay, went by the Mayfair Marina then back to the launch area. This took about 2-3 hours at a slow pace, on a sunny day. My friend even managed to cast his fishing line and catch a fish at one point! If you are up for a half day trip, plan to get in when the tide is going down.

Follins Pond turns into Kelley’s Bay then into Bass River that can take you all the way to the Dennis and Yarmouth Ocean Beaches. But make sure you know the tides, and plan on returning when the tide is coming back up through the river, otherwise you may be up for more exercise than you hoped for!

There are a few public landings in both Yarmouth and Dennis that offer easy launch areas for Bass River and Follins Pond. They are usually indicated on most maps as “Town Landings” or beaches.

If you are a buyer looking for a property on Cape Cod with easy access to great kayaking, visit my web site,, or call me at 508-534-5570.

Posted By: Melanie Cauchon