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Cape Cod Real Estate: House for sale near Mayflower Beach in Dennis MA

September 4, 2012

Real estate for sale at MAYFLOWER Beach on Cape Cod! Never worry again about making it to Mayflower beach early to get a parking spot! This 2-story 3BR cottage has plenty of parking space on its 0.35 acre lot! And,it has views of Cape Cod Bay over the dunes of Mayflower beach. One of the biggest yards in the neighborhood, the 0.35acre lot offers plenty of expansion potential! Keep it or rebuild it.Steady summer rentals as is $1800/wk. Come see where you could build your dream home at your favorite beach.

Call MELANIE CAUCHON, REALTOR  directly 508-776-5378 for appointment.



TO REMODEL OR NOT TO REMODEL? Buyer’s & Seller’s guide to 10 Affordable Home Redos.

October 28, 2009

Are you thinking of selling? Remodeling?  Buying and fixing up a house?   Before you start spending money on home improvements, it is always good to know what kind of additional money the improvement would get you, should you sell the house.

You should know at all times what your house is worth before & after the remodeling.  No one wants to spend more than what the improvement will get them, should they sell the house in the future.

To find out what prices comparable houses are asking and selling for,  you can look up my website at  .  I suggest you bookmark it, or save it as a favorite, and save the properties you find comparable to yours. Then you can go back periodically and see what changed (sales, price reductions, etc.). You can also call me, Mélanie Cauchon, at  508-776-5378.  I am a Realtor in Massachusetts and a member of Leading Real Estate Properties of the World so I can help you buy, sell or know the value of real estate anywhere in the world!

Once you know the value of the house and the budget you want to work with then I suggest a good planning session. Here are some interesting tips on affordable remodeling that I found in the Realtor Magazine:

10 Affordable Home Redos: Buyer’s Guide: REALTOR Magazine.

Keep an eye on my website as I will be posting more tips on my blog. Good luck with your project!

Mélanie Cauchon, Realtor

Buyers for Cape Cod properties for sale have officially woken up from their hibernation!

April 15, 2009

Posted to Melanie Cauchon

As April arrived with its nicer weather, so did the second home buyers on Cape Cod!

In the last 10 days, I showed houses on at least 6 of them, including 4 days split with morning showings to one client and afternoon with another! There is a good inventory of great deals out there.

I get the calls from my buyer clients and they want to see a lot of houses in one visit to the Cape. Looking at 8-12 houses in 3-4 hours is not unusual anymore. But we do a lot of work together on the phone and online before they come down. I send them updates and they visit my Web site daily for new listings, price changes, to see what is selling. We are also watching for interest rate changes. I have even done previews with video tours that I emailed to a client in Switzerland before she flew here! My days are now filled with phone calls & emails for planning visits, house showings, CMA preparation and marketing planning of new listings! My multitasking skills are being challenged to never attempted before performance levels! I am loving it!

I also have some great listings coming up soon, some near Mayflower Beach in Dennis, some in Harwich, some in East Dennis, so don’t forget to keep an eye on my web site: Or you can sign up and request listings sent to you automatically. Or just call me directly at 508-776-5378.

I am telling you, it is official: Buyers who were hibernating just woke up! No wonder why: Rates are under 5 percent for 30 year fixed, prices have leveled down and there are many great deals out there. It is the best world for buyers!

Let’s get started on your home search, call me at 508-776-5378.

Melanie Cauchon, My Cape Cod Realtor

Posted By: Melanie Cauchon

Cape Cod Beaches and Views from Your Kayak

March 25, 2009

Posted by Melanie Cauchon

Anywhere on Cape Cod, it is easy to find great kayaking areas. Cape Cod offers brooks, rivers, ponds and ocean rides for all levels. I consider myself a beginner, and I have yet to explore 1/10 of all my kayaking options.

One excursion I loved was on Follins Pond. I had a waterview house listing nearby and thought I better know what I am talking about when I tell Real Estate buyers they can go kayaking from the association landing end of the street…so I did.

I launched from the Dennis side and met a friend who used a landing on the Yarmouth side. We toured the Pond, then went on into Kelley’s Bay, went by the Mayfair Marina then back to the launch area. This took about 2-3 hours at a slow pace, on a sunny day. My friend even managed to cast his fishing line and catch a fish at one point! If you are up for a half day trip, plan to get in when the tide is going down.

Follins Pond turns into Kelley’s Bay then into Bass River that can take you all the way to the Dennis and Yarmouth Ocean Beaches. But make sure you know the tides, and plan on returning when the tide is coming back up through the river, otherwise you may be up for more exercise than you hoped for!

There are a few public landings in both Yarmouth and Dennis that offer easy launch areas for Bass River and Follins Pond. They are usually indicated on most maps as “Town Landings” or beaches.

If you are a buyer looking for a property on Cape Cod with easy access to great kayaking, visit my web site,, or call me at 508-534-5570.

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Flying to Cape Cod on Cape Air

March 25, 2009

cape-air-planePosted by Melanie Cauchon , Realtor

If you live in a big city like Boston or New York, you might want to consider flying instead of driving to Cape Cod on your next trip.
Why? Because when most people are fighting their way out of the city traffic, you could be flying over it while enjoying beautiful coastal views!

Whenever I go away, I always try to fly back from Boston. It is easy and so much faster than driving. You can catch a Cape Air flight to Hyannis, Provincetown, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. Cape Air, if you do not already know about it, is the airline on which the TV show “Wings” is based. It is a privately-owned Cape Cod company that has grown to be the largest independent regional commuter airline in the USA! And they keep growing. In the last year alone they have added many routes. So you can now fly from Plattsburg to Cape Cod! Or fly from Cape Cod to go skiing in VT! And if you are lucky you might even get to fly on one of their artwork planes like this one on the picture.

If you need help getting to Cape Cod or choosing which town you should stay or buy a home in, call me at 508-534-5570 or visit my web site Have a nice flight!

Posted By: Melanie Cauchon

Find a Realtor in Brewster Cape Cod

March 25, 2009

Easy access to all MLS properties at To make an appointment to see any property for sale on Cape Cod call Melanie 508-776-5378.