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TO REMODEL OR NOT TO REMODEL? Buyer’s & Seller’s guide to 10 Affordable Home Redos.

October 28, 2009

Are you thinking of selling? Remodeling?  Buying and fixing up a house?   Before you start spending money on home improvements, it is always good to know what kind of additional money the improvement would get you, should you sell the house.

You should know at all times what your house is worth before & after the remodeling.  No one wants to spend more than what the improvement will get them, should they sell the house in the future.

To find out what prices comparable houses are asking and selling for,  you can look up my website at  .  I suggest you bookmark it, or save it as a favorite, and save the properties you find comparable to yours. Then you can go back periodically and see what changed (sales, price reductions, etc.). You can also call me, Mélanie Cauchon, at  508-776-5378.  I am a Realtor in Massachusetts and a member of Leading Real Estate Properties of the World so I can help you buy, sell or know the value of real estate anywhere in the world!

Once you know the value of the house and the budget you want to work with then I suggest a good planning session. Here are some interesting tips on affordable remodeling that I found in the Realtor Magazine:

10 Affordable Home Redos: Buyer’s Guide: REALTOR Magazine.

Keep an eye on my website as I will be posting more tips on my blog. Good luck with your project!

Mélanie Cauchon, Realtor